100 Revolving Restaurant in Eastwood

100 Revolving Restaurant is a new restaurant by Chef Jessie Sincioco in Eastwood.  It’s main draw would be the revolving aspect of the restaurant. Offering stunning views of Metro Manila despite being only on the 33rd floor. I had a vague recollection of having been to a revolving restaurant eons before but my muddy memory fails me. An invite to check out the place yielded an immediate yes, I was excited to experience the sensation.
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The furniture is simple and unobtrusive, with a bit of the Filipino touch. The uncomplicated surrounding lets you focus on the views and the food. The outer ring is the only part that revolves, so if you get queasy easily then request for a table in the middle. One revolution takes approximately 2 and 1/2 hours and they plan to post signs of certain special point so one need not guess what they are viewing. Lunch service gives you a clear view of surrounding areas while a visit during dinner time would dazzle you with city lights.

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We started with some salad, the first of which was the Kesong Puti Salad (P200). A local version of the Italian classic caprese salad but made with Bulacan kesong puti, salad greens, tomatoes, cucumberwith a pesto vinaigrette dressing. This is a light and fresh starter option.

100 Revolving Restaurant 04
Caesar Salad with Prawn Popcorn (P250+200). Romaine Lettuce with bacon bits, and grated parmesan. People who have dined at Le Souffle and Chef Jessie will remember this classic dish. There’s some prawn popcorn added to our dish but I feel you can do without them and just concentrate on one of the best Caesar salads in Manila.

100 Revolving Restaurant 06

The next was something of a head scrather as I knew next to nothing about Alugbati Salad (P200). I had to google to find out that it is known as Malabar Spinach, prized for their many medicinal properties. It comes with micro arugula for a peppery punch and salty and crispy crushed danggit. A tangy tamarind viaigrette ties everything together.

100 Revolving Restaurant 07

Chef Jessie goes Japanese with the Dragon Maki (P500), which really surprised me. I was not expecting anything remotely like this from her and in a fine dining place. The presentation is beautiful but the taste is right there to, with shrimp tempura, cucumber, kampyo (gourd strips) and rolled in sesame seeds.
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The Vegetable Maki (P350.00) was something I thought was going to be awful but was instead enjoyable. Lettuce, kampyo, cucumber, Japanese pickles, sesame seeds, tofu form this vegetarian friendly option. It won’t be my choice for but I would not mind eating it.

100 Revolving Restaurant 09

Ramen joints are popping up like mushroom all over the metropolis  so its no surprise that Chef Jessie joins the fray with the 100 Pork Ramen (P350).  The bowl above is a taster portion so the regular order will be much bigger. Flavorful soup and nicely done egg is a bit undone by the noodles.

100 Revolving Restaurant 17

Tiger Prawns in Curry Sauce (P950) served with Turmeric Rice. One of the popular dishes from Chef Jessie’s catering parties. Crisp de-shelled prawns cooked in a spicy curry sauce that you’d do bet to eat with the rice. The atsura on the side was a nice addition.

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The Grilled Chilean Sea Bass (P1,100) was by far the run away hit of the day. This simple miso glaze enhances the silky textures and sweet meat of the sea bass.

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Chef Jessie is know for her souffles but at 100 Revolving Restaurant she created a range of signature desserts called Revolving Tortas. We were able to try the  Jackfruit and Macapuno versions. Each single serve dessert has buttery cake with a ring of fruits surrounding pandan and cream sauces. I give my vote for the jackfruit version, being a big fan of the fruit, it yield a sweeter flavor that matches the cake better.

100 Revolving Restaurant 15

The Chocolate Caramel Fudge Cake (P250) was a nice simple dessert that was overshadowed by the tortas in presentation. One little bite and you might sing a different tune, very chocolatey yet surprising not sweet.

Prices at 100 Revolving Restaurant are not cheap but it does have a beautiful draw, having one of the best restaurant views in Manila. People from the north can now enjoy Chef Jessie’s classic dishes like the Caesar salad, wild rice risottos and souffles without trooping to Makati. The revolving aspect of the restaurant still feels gimmicky especially with it being broken in so there is a bit of small jerks that can still be felt.


100 Revolving Restaurant

33/F MDC (Mercury Drug Corp.) 100 Building,
C5 corner Eastwood Drive,
Libis, Quezon City
Telephone No.: (632) 962-1016/ (632) 962-5654
Opening Hours: 11am to 11pm daily

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    I’d like to try the salads and the dragon maki, too! But I’m really interested in the revolving desserts, such a cute concept in line with the resto. Very nice photos, as always, Richard! :)

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