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Borough 5

Open 24/7, Borough is the restaurant equivalent of 7-11 and Ministop. It is located at the Podium and features two entrances, one facing the mall and another opening towards the driveway to the basement parking. We entered through the side door which felt like we were entering a secret doorway of sorts.

I love the vibe of the place with its dark wooden interiors sprinkled with floral stools, drop lights and some large communal tables giving it that Brooklyn, New York feel. There was also a loft area but it was already closed the time we were there. There also a huge oven on one side where they bake their bread.

Initially, it was quite hard to order since a few of the items we wanted were not available. We were kinda getting ticked off but we calmed down a bit when the chef said they could serve us one of the orders since the bread just came out from the oven. Its quite late already so we just ordered a couple of dishes to be shared.

Borough 1

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup (P240). I’m not a fan of grilled cheese sandwiches but I like the freshly baked Brioche bread they used especially after getting a whiff of it from the oven. It was crunchy and the cheese tasted great dipped into the tangy tomato soup.

Borough 2

Chocolate Chicken Wings (P280). Cocoa and Cinnamon coated chicken wings with cilantro sour cream. All I have to say is that it tasted interesting. Its not bad per se but the taste is something unfamiliar, you can taste chocolate then some spiciness from the chicken. You’ve got to at least try it once but I won’t be ordering it again.

Borough 4

BBQ Pulled Pork (P220). Served with coleslaw in a Hoagie with chips on the side. The bread was good and i like the coleslaw was crunchy but I think the bbq pork was missing something just can’t pinpoint it.

Borough 3

Banana Amaretto French Toast (P300). The hands down favorite of the night. It might not look like its good, since some of the whip cream was melted already. Something we let slide after getting a taste. It just full of yummy things from the banana custard soaked french toast to the Amaretto flambe and toasted almond chips.

Borough served pretty good food, not too expensive since the servings are quite big. We all loved their self made bread, a unique factor. We were bothered a little with the loud music as well as the voices of the other patrons since its more of a watering hole already during the night. I’d probably come back here during the daytime.


G/F The Podium
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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