Cafe Sweet Inspirations’ Mongolian Buffet

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Cafe Sweet Inspirations is an institution along Katipunan Ave. It was already there during my college years in Ateneo and despite the commercialization of the street, still there and thriving. I actually don’t remember how many times I’ve eaten there before. I was just recently reminded of their immensely popular Mongolian buffet after basketball buddy, Chiro, kept telling me to go eat there.

Finally, one lunch time, Irene and I trooped to get a taste of the Mongolian buffet. Irene has long been a fan of Mongolian buffets, while I’m neutral to it.

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Entering the spacious restaurant, you will immediately be drawn to large counter of raw ingredients.

There are two options for the Mongolian buffet:

  • Eat all you can (P310)- unlimited times, no sharing, no leftovers. – Using the orange bowls.
  • Student meal (P195)- Single serve using the white bowl, meat and seafood toppings are weighed.
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So we grabbed a bowl and started piling on the ingredients starting with rice or sotanghon, then veggies, sauce and finally the meat and seafood. Since we availed of the eat all you can, we were free to pile on as much as we wanted. Clueless on what sauce to put, no worries, there are clear instructions from sweet to spicy.

Sweet Inspiration 02

After finishing filling up the bowl we handed off the bowl and were given metal numbers and waited for them to cook our bowls.

Sweet Inspiration 04

Our first bowl came back a little less than what we expected, the raw ingredients deflated a lot and the sauce was not that flavorful enough.

Sweet Inspiration 06

We learned our lesson with the first bowl, next bowl was filled with more ingredients and added a little more sauce than what was recommended.

Sweet Inspiration 05

The result was a satisfying second bowl that so thoroughly filled us up. We actually had been eying some of their tempting cakes in the displays but alas out tummies were already filled to the brim.

After getting a taste of the Mongolian buffet, I agree with all the raves Chiro has been heaping on it. I’m sure I’ll be back for more, now to make an excuse to go there.

Sweet Inspirations
311 Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City

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    Nice post. My parents use to frequent mongolian buffets in the ’90s. Will tell them to try this out, but will need to convince them first to agree to the long drive to QC from the south. But if the food is really good I am sure the drive will be worth it :)

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