Chirashi Party at Yumi Japanese Restaurant in Greenhills

Ever since watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi, I’ve been a convert to sushi and to its bigger cousin, the chirashi bowl. Yumi Japanese Restaurant in the new Promenade, Greenhills has a number of options beyond the usual. We did a little sampling together with some foodie friends one lazy lunch a while ago.

Chirashi is basically raw fish on top of vinegared rice (shari), some restaurants specify what you will get on your bowl while others depend on what’s fresh. This is a quick and easy bowl that will satisfy any hunger.

Yumi Japanese Greenhills Chirashi Moriawase

We started our chirashi party with the usual Chirashi Moriawase (P490), this is de rigueur in most Japanese restaurants in one form or another. Yumi’s version has a maguro/tuna, sake/salmon, unagi/eel, uni/sea urchin, ebi/shrimp, saba/mackerel, kani/crabstick, tako/octopus and tamago/egg. The rice had a nice vinegar flavor that was even better than a bowl I had from a place in Little Tokyo a week ago.

Yumi Japanese Greenhills Chirashi Ikura Tokuji

The next was the Chirashi Ikura Tokuji (P470). This one is more simple based around the Ikura/salmon roe and ebiko/shrimp roe with uni, kani, tamago and ika/squid.

Yumi Japanese Greenhills Chirashi Ikura Sake

Chirashi Ikura Sake (P450). This one had even less ingredients just more of each one. This had ikura and ebiko as well as sake, kani and tamago. A different way of eating these two ikura based chirashi bowls is to mixed everything together with the rice. You’ll be surprised how much tastier and better textured each bite is.

Yumi Japanese Greenhills Chirashi Tekka

The last bowl we had was the Chirashi Tekka (P390). This is a simple tuna sashimi based chirashi bowl given a little twist via the addition of a fresh quail egg. Irene’s not a fan of quail eggs and finds it a bit off. I found it coats the tuna in a nice sheen and gives it a smoother feel on the taste buds.

Yumi Japanese Greenhills Maguro Sashimi in ShoyuYumi Japanese Greenhills Sake Sashimi in Shoyu

There were also two platters of sashimi marinated in chilled light soy, Maguro Sashimi in Shoyu (P320) and Sake Sashimi in Shoyu (P320). Both plates feature thinly sliced fish in a light soy so its not salty and topped with sesame seeds for some nice crunchy texture.

Before catching a movie at the Promenade, you might want to get a quick bowl of chirashi at Yumi Japanese Restaurant.

Yumi Japanese Restaurant

Unit 202 Promenade 3, Greenhills Shopping Center
Ortigas Ave, West Crame
San Juan, Metro Manila
Contact No.: (632) 785-6932
Operating Hours: 11am to 10 pm daily

Facebook Page: Yumi Japanese Restaurant

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