Choi Palace in Eastwood, Libis

Choi Palace 4

The recently opened Choi Palace in Eastwood Mall satisfies the craving of diners in this area for authentic Chinese food  The restaurant is from the same group that brought you Choi Garden in Greenhills.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Eastwood to watch a movie but wanted to eat lunch first when we saw a poster announcing the opening of Choi Palace on the 3rd floor veranda. So we quickly got our movie tickets first then proceeded to have a quick lunch.

Decor is very nice, exuding a classy opulence with its predominantly gold and black decor. Seats have a gold fabric cover and some tables had white tablecloths which are a better match than our redundant gold tablecloths.

We looked at the menu and was expecting the same menu as Choi Garden but there were a lot of interesting new stuff but we finally settled on the following.

Choi Palace 1

Curry Hand made Fish Balls (P300/small).I love curry fish balls especially from those sidewalk stalls in Hong Kong. The place I usually get my fix of curry fish balls is at King One. The pot had a number of medium-large sized fish balls as well as potatoes and bell peppers. The fish balls were quite crispy and the curry sauce was just right.

Choi Palace 3

Pork Asado (P300/small). Lauren’s pick,she loves the sweet honey sauce they drizzle on top of the asado before serving. The pieces served to us had minimal fat since we really don’t like fatty parts even Lauren.

Choi Palace 2

Shark’s fin Siomai (P100). They don’t have the regular siomai so we settled on this. This does not have the shark’s fin shape I usually see when this dimsum is presented. It looks more like the regular siomai but with a couple of strands of “shark’s fin” on top. I use the term shark’s fin since you and I know that its not the real shark’s fin. There’s nothing really special about the siomai’s, its good enough for its price but when your tastebuds are spoiled by the excellent siomai from Shang Palace, its really hard to compare anymore.

We had two bowls of plain rice to go with our meal and quickly devoured everything since we did not want to be late for our movie. I hope to come back and try some of the other interesting stuff on the menu.

Choi Palace 5

Strolling around in Eastwood Mall and hankering for authentic Chinese food, look no further than Choi Palace.

Choi Palace
3rd Floor Eastwood Mall Veranda,
Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City

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  1. Anonymous says

    I never really took time to comment but this incident in Choi Palace has been very notable. I do not usually rant about bad restaurant service, but Choi Palace (Eastwood City Mall), really did ruin their dinner service yesterday evening during the Chinese New Year. Why cannot such an establishment honour our 8:30pm reservation(reservation was booked by my concierge at around 10am) on time? Why would it take us 30 min to be seated to a reserved table? Why would it take around 2 hours for all the food to come out and 1 hour, during the meal, that some of the orders (the pecking duck, the suckling pig, and others) ran out? Why cram the restaurant including portions of the hallway and 2 ballrooms of Richmonde Hotel with diners when the kitchen could only handle much? Would your establishment destroy it’s overall name and reputation for one single, special, and financially rewarding night? It was an injustice admitting costumers at overcapacity when your establishment cannot provide an equal level of dining experience to everyone. I always looked highly of your establishment up until yesterday. Your diners deserve an apology for this incident yesterday.

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