Felicia’s Pastry Café and Steak Room in Bacolod

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Cake shops are aplenty in Bacolod, after trying and loving Calea the previous day, we tried out Felicia’s Pastry Café. Felicia’s interiors projected an air of elegant sophistication with its use of dark wood, while Calea exuded a more laid back and fun atmosphere. The steak house beside it, although closed at that time, exhibited the same decor and motif sans the cake displays.

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We calmly scanned the two display counters filled with pastries trying to catch our fancy.

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Lemon Almond Dacquoise (P70). I think this was my favorite dessert of the whole Bacolod trip. The outside icing was a creamy smooth lemon flavor. The inside of the cake reminded me of soft sansrival, with the nutty and creamy texture. I wish I could have brought one whole cake home but I was afraid of spoiling it or becoming deformed. I will definitely have this again on my next trip to Bacolod.

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Cream Puff (P85).  Carlos yet again ordering cream puff, this time of the non frozen variety. Five pieces of cream puff drenched in chocolate the placed on top of a custard stand. I loved the custard it Bacolod, all are so creamy yet not overly sweet, just right for me. I like the cream puffs much better than the ones from Calea, not being frozen is a giant plus.

Felicia's 2

Blueberry and Mint Macarons (P36). These macarons are much bigger, almost double, than the normal ones from Bizu that I’m used to seeing,. The colors are candy bright and the taste spot on. I actually prefered the mint one over blue

I really enjoyed myself at Felicia’s and even bought some of their packaged stuff like Pili crumble for “pasalubong” after seeing someone buy 12 boxes of it.I also bought a tin of Lemon thins, which I really loved.

Sophisticated interiors coupled  with reasonable dessert prices make for a great relaxing dessert stop. I hope I can try the steak house on my next trip.

Doll Bldg, 6th St.
Bacolod City, Philippines
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