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Pandesal is a uniquely Filipino staple enjoyed by people daily for breakfast and merienda. We always buy Gardenia Pandesal because we know they are high quality just like their other bread.

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I trust the name Gardenia when it comes to bread products, I’ve been to their plant and I can say with certainty that it was state of the art and spotless. I was also surprised to find out that their pandesal has added folate and other vitamins and minerals. Best of all it contains no trans fat and is cholesterol free.


Each bag is also locked with the unique G-Lock system, which assigns a particular color to a certain days production, allowing consumers to easily know the breads freshness.

Gardenia Pandesal 03

Pandesal is something I always have with corned beef, they just go perfectly together. Crusty on the outside with the little crumbs falling on the side but soft inside.

Gardenia Pandesal 06

Irene and I were reminiscing about Hong Kong so we did this snack time homage. Ice cold milk tea with matching toasted pandesal with butter and condensed milk.

Gardenia Pandesal 05

Split the pandesal open, then put that into the toaster oven. Beware the wafting fragrant smell when getting the pandesal out of the oven, else you might just eat it on the spot. Once you dodge that, lather some butter then finish it off by drizzling some condensed milk. I take a bite and it feels full, not hollow and airy. This snack is easy to make and gets a me a slice of Hong Kong.

That’s how I enjoy my pandesal. How about you guys?

Check out this video of an office worker ingeniously heating up his afternoon snack.


Share your photos and videos in Gardenia’s Facebook Page and get a chance to win in their contest.

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