Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant in Kapitolyo, Pasig

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After our Thai Bistro dinner was canceled last Friday, we skipped over to our neighborhood restaurant area, Kapitolyo to have dinner instead. I thought it was the perfect time to try Poco Deli, while on the way over there, I spied a new lighted restaurant besides Cafe Juanita, taking note of the Japanese styled lanterns and I told myself we should try that one of these days. When we found out that Poco Deli was crammed with office workers blowing off a week’s worth of stress we proceed to try out the Japanese restaurant, which was actually named Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant.

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The restaurant has a couple of spaces out front and after getting parked nicely we entered the restaurant. The first thing you’ll see is the nicely lighted and spacious sushi bar with a Japanese chef behind it (good sign). The decor is decidedly classic Japanese with dark wood featured all around, a decidedly different vibe compared to the funky Ramen Cool, a few doors away.

Haru is still on soft opening thus they have a limited menu which is mostly a checklist of what one comes to expect in a Japanese restaurant.

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Irene and I each got a sashimi to start with, Maguro/Tuna (P198) for her while I got my favorite Tamagoyaki/Egg (P125). The tuna was of nice quality and with 7 pieces it was quite a good price. The tamagoyaki was also pretty good, thickness is just right while there’s just a bit of sweetness to complement the egg flavor. I rate just a notch below my favorite one from Kikufuji.

Haru 04

Irene decided on a Seafood Ramen (P179/mini portion). The bowl of ramen was composed of store bought noodles, a few pieces of shrimp, squid, mussels and tuna. She said it was ok, hot and comforting but nothing special. I would think so after being exposed to better ramen elsewhere.

Haru 03

After going through the menu, I finally decided on Sukiyaki (P245) after I saw the price. I rarely order sukiyaki since it usually contains beef and often come in large orders good for 2-3 people.I give props to beautiful plates and food vessels and this order came in a decidedly nice one (as you can see).

Haru 05

The serving size is definitely big enough to share among at least two people. Good thing I did not order any rice so I just polished it all off. The quality of the beef is fairly good, tender enough but with a bit of fat in theme. I wished there was a bit more shirataki (yam) noodles, I really like those a lot and I would have preferred a raw egg so I could have the option on how to add it to the sukiyaki.

Lauren picked a Gyudon (P260), no pic since it was a deconstructed version. A bowl of rice with all the toppings separated like how she likes it and we even requested them to fry the egg. I’m happy Haru was able to accommodate our request. I saw the beef was the same as the one they used in my sukiyaki so it was quite good.

We left Haru, satiated and happy. The food is nicely priced and I see a lot of potential for this new neighborhood Japanese restaurant. There’s a number of parking spaces, a premium in the Kapitolyo area, service was pretty good. I can’t wait to come back once they have their full menu.

Curiosity got the better of me when I saw a little bridge connecting Haru to Cafe Juanita beside it and asked if they were connected. The answer was they are sister restaurants and you can even order Cafe Juanita’s nice desserts to finish the meal at Haru.

Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant

#21 West Capitol Drive, Barrio Kapitolyo
Pasig City

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