JT’s Manukan

aOne can see that the inasal craze in the metro is in full swing when even the likes of Andok’s starts selling inasal also. JT’s Manukan was started many years by actor Joel Torre hence the store’s initials. It was located in a small open air stall in Granada st. We used to just take out their inasal chicken because breathing in vehicle fumes while eating does not appeal to me.
JT 3
Recently they opened up a branch in Ortigas Home Depot, a very convenient location near our home and the great thing is they now have an air conditioned area (yehey!).
The air conditioned area is decorated with many framed movie posters that starred Joel Torre. The decor is just some lights, wooden benches and tables and an lcd table hung on the wall.
JT 1
We proceeded to order chicken inasal, breast part (Pe-cho) for all of us. My daughter also likes white meat over dark meat which is unusual for kids. The chicken was perfectly marinated with their secret recipe, a welcome departure from the sweet marinade of Mang Inasal.I have not been to Bacolod to taste real chicken inasal but people mention JT’s version to be as close as you can get. The chicken is tender and the marinade goes down to the bones. I just add a little soy/calamansi sauce and I’m in chicken bliss. I noticed that they slice the breast part in the middle now, I guess to facilitate the grilling and avoid uncooked parts.
JT 2

JT’s Manukan Grille
Ortigas Home Depot
Julia Vargas Ave., Pasig City

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