Koko Buri in Pampanga

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The club was looking for a new restaurant to try during our trip to Fontana last year when Abet suggested Koko Buri. It was a place he found while exploring Clark but was not yet able to try. Despite our big group, we decided to just go to Koko Buri without a reservation hoping for the best. The restaurant is a bit off the beaten track, located in a mostly office area behind the Jollibee on the main road. When we got there we had to wait a bit to get a table. Since, we were quite hungry already, we acquiesced when informed that our table would be in the non air conditioned area.We actually had no idea what cuisine the place was serving until we browsed through the menu and found out it was Korean with a twist. They advertise fried chicken, the double fried kind, as the dish that made them famous.

We were really hungry already so we quickly made our choices to get the kitchen started on cooking.

Koko Buri 05

Calamari (P150). This was intended to be one of our appetizer but for some reason got stuck and the kitchen queue and only came out after we had almost finished dinner. The squid pieces were crunchy and made even better with the tangy/spicy sauce. I would have eaten more of this had it come earlier.

Koko Buri 01

Frozen Grape Soju. A frozen soju drink with grape flavor. I do not drink so was not able to try but according to Irene it lacked a bit of the grape flavor.

Koko Buri 03

Koko Buri Fried Chicken (P550/whole). This skin was very crispy yet the meat inside was still overflowing with juiciness. The plate disappeared quickly as everyone enjoyed it very much including the kids who could not get enough of the crunchy skin.

Koko Buri 06

Soy Garlic Fried Chicken (P550/whole). The glaze was reminiscent of the popular double fried chicken taste that is very popular nowadays like the ones from Bon Chon. It may be the same soy garlic name but the taste is quite different. This had a bit more garlic and sweetness, just right for my taste buds.

Koko Buri 04

Baha Fiesta Pizza (P290). Koko Buri’s ode to the Hawaiian Pizza but with added red bell peppers and onions. This is kinda like a more grown up version since most kids are leery of bell peppers and onions. The crust was chewy and tasty and was a nice match to the chicken.

Koko Buri 02

Carnita De Core Pizza (P360). This was described as having beef bulgogi as one of the toppings. The words bulgogi got our curiosity, wondering how it would be meshed with pizza. The bulgogi meat served as the stand it for the usual pizza meat and imparted its own Korean flavor to this fusion dish.

Koko Buri 07

Nagasaki Champon (P450). An udon noodle dish with lots of shellfish and vegetables as well as a big kick of chili. The kitchen forgot the noodles and it wasn’t until we were already eating this that we realized it was missing and promptly asked the server for it. The whole dish was taken back in and had noodles added before being returned. This was quite a spicy dish, from what little bit I had, I found it to be very tasty with the shellfish imparting lots of flavor.

Koko Buri Entrance

Despite a couple of miscues and missing things, we enjoyed our dinner at Koko Buri. The place dishes out its own brand of fired chicken as well as some fusion dishes. We’ll be putting this place on our list for a return trip when we go back to Clark.

Koko Buri: House of Rising Chicken
J Abad Santos Avenue
Clark Field, Angeles City

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