Manang’s Clubhouse in Ateneo de Manila

Manang’s Clubhouse goes by many names depending on when a person partook of its culinary wonders.  It used to be called Eagle’s Corner when it was still in Katipunan, some refer to it as Clubhouse or Manang’s. Whatever name one refers to it, every musing of its food brings memories to those who have eaten there.

During my college years (no more mention of when that is), I had lunch here almost every school day. Since then this is only the second time I’ve been back and I brought Irene, Bubba and Between Bites with me.

I was surprised about the new look of the place, a lot of things have changed from the additional chairs and tables as well as the more spacious cooking area but one thing remains the same, the food. Diners are now provided trays to carry food orders, I remember before we had to do a balancing act caring our viand, rice and softdrinks. in hand to our seats.

Manangs 2

Enough of the nostalgia, on to the meat of the matter. The one dish that Manang’s is know for is the Inihaw na Liempo. A perfectly grilled piece of meat with just the right salty, sweet marinade whether you use vinegar or not (like me).

Manangs 1

I also had a vegetable dish with my liempo, Ginataang Sitaw and Kalabasa (beans and pumpkin with coconut milk). A nice creamy contrast to the inihaw.

Manangs 3

I couldn’t resist getting a picture, even if it’s cheezy, with both Manang and Manong.

We also took home 4 orders of liempo, while BB and Bubba took home 2 to serve as their lunch the next day.

I just wish Ateneo Admin could provide parking for alumni who want to visit Manang’s, we had to park way out in the North parking lot, which I think used to be the corn fields.

Manang’s Clubhouse
Ateneo College Covered Courts
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

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  1. Marie says

    Wow, the Clubhouse (how my friends and I called it back when we were in ADMU) is now all kitted up! Manang’s liempo is the best and love how you got a group photo with Manang and Manong.

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