Milky and Sunny in Kapitolyo

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Milky and Sunny is a bright and cheerful all day breakfast joint in Kapitolyo. I love breakfast places, the smell of and sight of freshly cooked bacon, eggs, and a whole lot more really gets me going. I was quite excited to check out Milky & Sunny after hearing about it from friends.

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The decor motif is in calming blue and whites, with lots of quirky design elements like that wall of knick-knacks. Be sure to take a gander at the eclectic painting they have on display.

Their menu is quite simple with the usual suspects like pancakes and eggs sharing the space with some fritattas, enchiladas and unusual pasta combinations.

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I started with a bowl of BLT Soup (P80), everyone should be familiar with the sandwich but this one is a soup. The soup was filled with tomatoes, slices of lettuce, bacon and curiously potatoes (I guess the wanted to make it chunkier). I’ll give plus points for the nice blue polka dot ramekin it was served in, a perfect match with the decor.

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Irene and I ordered two main dishes to share, the first one is the Breakfast Enchilada (P200).  Two large flour tortillas envelop creamy spinach, mushroom and chicken.

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The other dish was Broccoli and Mushroom Casserole (P180). Served in a loaf container,be careful its very hot. There are lots of broccoli florets and mushroom mixed inside the cream sauce.
Irene liked the enchiladas more so she finished that one off, while I concentrated on the casserole.

After the meal, we immediately thought of bringing Lauren here, since she’s a breakfast monster. She can have breakfast stuff all day.

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Her pick, Breakfast Big Plate (P250). The plate includes a pick of 3 things from Spam, bacon, hotdog, sausage or corned beef, toast or bagel and eggs (cooked whichever way) as well as a piece of hashed brown. Lauren was not too happy with her order and the worse thing about it was that the bacon strips were not crispy enough.

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Bacon and Spam Pasta (P180). Two breakfast giants combined in one creamy pasta dish, heaven. Irene and I both loved this one.

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Not too happy, Lauren ordered some Fluffy Classic Pancakes (P100) to liven her up. She liked them but the butter served was not really butter but a butter compound only.

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I got a Banana King Kong French Toast (P130), which seems to call our my name even from the first visit if not for my too full tummy. Filled with lots of sliced bananas and drizzled with condensed milk and chocolate. A nice ending to wash away some the disappointing bacon taste. I actually don’t know the reason for the king kong inclusion in the name.

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Milky and Sunny is a bit hit or miss, the classic breakfast stuff are a bit underwhelming but the unique dishes gives them a ray of sunshine.

Parking is a bit limited, with only 4 spaces shared between them and Briggy Hall customers.

Milky & Sunny 
9 East Capitol Drive,
Kapitolyo, Pasig

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    I’m big on breakfast and have had this place on my radar but you’re right, Richard, this place looks underwhelming. YOUR resto was the brekkie place to beat, you know.

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