Off The Grid in Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill

Off The Grid McKinley Hill Combi

Off The Grid is an elevated fast food type concept that brings the food truck vibe indoors where there’s cool air conditioning.  They serve a mix of burgers, burritos, hotdogs and even rice bowls for quick and easy meals. This takes the place of Sweet Pea in Venice Piazza. Off The Grid is from the same restaurant group as Draft, Distillery and Black Olive with food conceptualized by Chef Carlo Miguel. I got an invite to try our their food but little did I know it was almost the whole menu.

Off The Grid McKinley Hill Gus The Bus

The first thing you’ll notice at Off The Grid is this combi bus right smack in the back of the resto. They call it Gus the Bus and have a story telling of his exploits around the world before retiring in Venice Piazza. They were still doing the murals that would tell Gus’ story but I’m they are up now which will add lots of character and whimsy into the space.

Off The Grid McKinley Hill 01Off the Grid is a self service type of restaurant, you place your orders here at the counter.

Off The Grid McKinley Hill Combi Order Pickup

Gus the Bus serves as the pickup area for your food as well as being the best looking decor in Off The Grid.  This was too cute to pass up.

Off The Grid McKinley Hill Onion Rings Fries Nachos

We started with baskets of their starters which will go really well with their cocktails and alcoholic beverages. Basket O’ Rings (P75), Off The Grid Fries (P75) and Nachos with Jalapeno Cheese Dip. The fries was normal, the onion rings were nice and crispy with no hint of oiliness but it was the nachos that surprised us. They were freshly fried and not out of some plastic bag, although the first basket was a little on the oily side, the second basket served to us was perfect.

Off The Grid McKinley Hill Quesadilla

Next up were the Quesadillas, Carnitas Quesadilla (P165), Ms. Cheechi (P165) and Bap-O-Rito (P165). My favorite among the three was the Bap-O-rito which was Angus beef belly in OTG bulgogi sauce, which had sweet flavors I enjoyed.

Off The Grid McKinley Hill Fish Taco


OTG also has their own version of a fish taco called Fish Tacombi (P165). A giant piece of panko crusted fish filled with salsa, sesame dressing, cabbage and finished with Japanese mayo.

Off The Grid McKinley Hill Burritos

Burritos were up next, in 4 variations. First was Juan Dela Cruz (P165), which had sisig, order this and leave with a happy tummy. The Breakfast Burrito (P205) with breakfast sausage, scrambled eggs and hash potatoes. The Spam and Kimchi Burrito with Japanese mayo and Gochujang (red chili paste), this was my favorite. The last one we tried was the Hydrophoic Burrito (P145) which contained red kidney beans, cabbage relish, mayo and has potatoes, no meat at all so is vegetarian friendly.

Off The Grid McKinley Hill Burgers

Yokozuna, Macho Nacho, Uncle Sam and Couch Potato (clockwise from top left)

Burgers were the next thing they served, good thing I was just taking a teeny bite of each one, except for those nachos.  The Yokozuna (P175) features a panko crusted pork patty with cheddar cheese stuffing, Japanese bbq sauce, cabbage relish and sesame dressing.  The Macho Nacho (P195) has a nacho spiced 1/3 pound Angus beef patty,  salsa and corn tortilla. The Uncle Sam (P165) had a beef patty with tomatoes, relish and lots of cheese sauce. The Couch Potato (P195) has a beef patty, bacon, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and a fried egg on top. The most interesting one was the Uncle Sam especially if you love cheese, and who does not love gooey cheese sauce and lots of it. The only downside was the the mess you create while eating it.

Off The Grid McKinley Hill Hot Dogs

Hotdogs and Buns were next, The Dog Father (P215), Chili Dog (P175) and Philly Cheese Steak (P185).

Off The Grid McKinley Hill Luchador and Dog Silog

Dog Silog and Luchador Bowl

Off The Grid McKinley Hill Taiwanese Fried Chicken Bowl

Taiwanese Fried Chicken Bowl

The last savory items we tried were the rice bowls. The Dogsilog (P135) has a frankfurter, fried egg and pickled papaya on top of burrito rice. The Luchador Bowl (P115) had US Angus beef with bean chili and cheddar cheese sauce. The Taiwanese Fried Chicken Bowl (P195), fried chicken chop over steamed rice. My favorite was the luchador bowl because it encourage mixing everything which I loved to do as a child, this makes the cheese coat all the rice.

Off The Grid McKinley Hill Cocktails

Here’s their Classic and Flavored Frozen Margarita (P125) for those who want a little buzz to pair with their food.

Off The Grid McKinley Hill Dessert

By the time we reached the desserts, we felt like popping because of the amount of food. Chocolate and Banana Smoothies (P105) and Tres Leches Custard (P79).

Off The Grid McKinley Hill Munchie Meals

Looking for more value, then you should try out Off The Grid’s Munchie meals, which already comes with sides and soda for only P199.


I like the food truck concept but sometimes its best to have nice and cool seating like what Off The Grid did. Food is reasonably priced with good sized servings and tastes great. My picks would be the Bap-O-rito, Nachos, Luchador Bowl, Spam and Kimchi Burrito and the Uncle Sam burger. Have you tried Off The Grid already? I hope they open a branch near us soon.


Off The Grid

G/F The Venice Piazza
Upper Mckinley Road, Mckinley Hill
Taguig City, Philippines
Contact No.: (63917) 831-0201
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri – 11am to 3am
                                   Sat & Sun – 11am to 12am

Facebook Page: Off The Grid


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      Nice place, and I’m sure it will be even nicer with the murals of Gus up on the wall. There’s something for everyone and the prices are Kap friendly.

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