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Pi Breakfast and Pies is the newest creation of Chef Ed Bugia after the successful Pino Resto Bar, Pipino and Burger Project. I was beyond ecstatic when I heard that he would be making an honest to goodness banana cream pie at π. The name pi is part of the progression of names for his restos – Pi/Pino/Pipino. We visited the place a mere six days after they opened when we got a big come on over from Chef Ed, little did we know he would be literally stuffing us silly.

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I actually thought the place was going to be hard to find but a quick check on Google Maps allayed all my fears. Pi Breakfast and Pies is on Malingap St. in Teacher’s Village, right beside Pino/Pipino. The space, a former laundromat, echoes of which are still present in the retained checkered flooring. Compact wooden furniture bordered by white brick walls adds more unintended “hipster” charm. The place is cozy small inside but they do have a couple of tables in their herb garden at the back.

Pi Breakfast and Pies 02

We started off by nibbling some Crazy Cookies (P45/each). Bite into these and you might taste chocolate chips, potato chips, pretzels or what ever is in the kitchen. The cookie is a soft and chewy delight, whatever surprise you may get in your bite is just a bonus.

Pi Breakfast and Pies 03

I washed the cookies down with some Cereal Milk (P125/ per bottle content). It’s the milk that’s left behind after you finish all the cereal in a bowl. One sip and the flavor is unmistakable, currently available in Froot Loops (light pink) and Corn Flakes variants. The corn flakes was good but I’m a Froot Loops kinda guy. The possibilities for this is endless, what with all the cereals available. I’d want to see some Fruity Pebbles and Cap’n Crunch in the future.

Pi Breakfast and Pies 04

Big things come in big packages, the Pi Platter (P625), a humongous plate of breakfast goodies good for 2 people. The plate has bacon, eggs, beef belly corned beef, Hungarian sausage, pancakes, spinach with mushrooms, bagnet fat fried fries, orange honey and Sriracha mayo. Each component of this plate was executed wonderfully, carbs and protein complementing each other in a glorious breakfast symphony.  Don’t sleep on the sauces, each one kicks up the enjoyment.
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The classic Eggs Benedict is interpreted by Chef Ed as Eggs Benny (P275) and Eggs Sammy (P275). Both plates have six minute poached eggs and store baked English muffins, the difference is one has thick cut bacon while the other has salmon gravlax.

Pi Breakfast and Pies 05

The Chicken and Waffles (P165) packs a surprises aplenty once you realize the chicken is just cholesterol favorite fried chicken skin. Slice the waffle and take a bit and you’ll get another surprise, corn kernels and jalapeno has been mixed into the batter for a little sweet and spicy kick. Julienned Granny Smith apples, sliced strawberry and blueberries put up a front for health eating as if you can forget those pieces of chicken skin winking at you.

Pi Breakfast and Pies 07

I love mixing up my food so the Huevos Rancheros (P275) really appeals to me.  The ingredient list on this skillet are assorted vegetables, beans, bacon, chicken skin, cheese, cheese, eggs and Italian sausage.  Mix it all together for a nice Mexican inspired breakfast, served with their own thick cut Brioche.


The hands down favorite of the day was the Caramelized Spam (P245). Served in a wooden container with thick cubed SPAM, garlic rice, kimchi, six-minute egg, and pesto. This was filling, comforting and homey all rolled into one. It’s been more than two weeks since we had this and Irene is still craving for it.

Pi Breakfast and Pies 09

If you are looking for something meatier and heavier the Steak and Eggs (P595) A hefty piece of Kitayama wagyu beef strip-loin, sunny-side up eggs, petit salad, bacon Bearnaise and bagnet fat fried fries. That little patch of salad is Chef Ed’s attempt to add healthy stuff. (utter and complete failure as no one touched it, hahaha)

Pi Breakfast and Pies 12

The Thick Homemade Brioche French Toast (P185) can serve as a light meal and dessert all rolled into one. Thick cut brioche served with Ricotta cheese, ice cream, nuts and honey.

Pi Breakfast and Pies 10

Chef Ed told me to try his bowl of Muesli (P165) Served with Greek yoghurt and warm honey. This was actually my first time to try muesli ever, and it tastes quite alright, much much better than those inedible Grape Nuts. Mix in the yogurt and honey for some sweet and tart flavor action.

Pi Breakfast and Pies 11Pi Breakfast and Pies 13

The Dark Chocolate Champorado (P155) served with a dollop of cream cheese and cereal milk. Chef Ed uses a mix of local tablea and some melted Meiji chocolates in this bowl.

Pi Breakfast and Pies 16

On to the main event, the PIES!! I got to try 6 pies (clockwise from the top); Apple Gruyere Pie (P95), Smack Pie (P155), Chocolate Raspberry (P160) , Key Lime Pie (P135), Banana Cream Pie (P95) and Candy Bar Pie (P155). My favorites are of course the Banana Cream pie, Chocolate Raspberry and Candy Bar Pie. The banana cream pie is a banana lovers delight with even more banana flavor because of the bananas added into the crust. The chocolate raspberry was a surprise favorite as we were expecting it to be super chocolatey instead the raspberry jam performs a great job in cutting through it. I’d describe eating the candy bar pie like eating a Snickers bar, genius though a bit on the sweet side.

Pi Breakfast and Pies 17

The final plate of goodies was Lace Cookies with Dark Chocolate (P35), a thin cookie that’s crisp on the edges but is sticky in the middle. They are so chocolatey that won’t mind trying to remove those pesky pieces sticking on your teeth.

Pi Breakfast and Pies 14

While eating you’ll see trays of freshly baked breads that come from their ovens being place on their breads racks. I tried this oozing, crispy, fresh from the oven Spanish bread and was severely tempted to buy some except I had already bought a number of crazy cookies.

PI Breakfast and Pies has been dubbed by my friend Lori of Dessert Comes First as a “House of Temptation” and I have to agree. There’s so much temptation inside that you’ll be hard pressed to fend off the desire to just order everything in sight.  Irene and I can’t wait to bring Lauren here, aka an added excuse to eat at easily one of the best breakfast places in Metro Manila.

Fresh bread, all day breakfast dishes and PIES, there’s a lot to love at PI Breakfast and Pies.


PI Breakfast and Pies

39 Malingap Street,
Teachers Village, Quezon City
Contact No.: 441-1773 / 0915-3072352

Pi Breakfast and Pies Facebook Page

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    Oh, I can’t contain my envy… When I have enough time, this is where I’ll go to sin. Thanks for the shoutout at the end, Richard. Terrific article!

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    Richard, your photos! You’re a god! Haha! You shall be called the Father of food photography in Manila food blogging scene, seriously. You’re really good to begin with, but now, your photos are way way better than before.

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    I’m a semi-regular at Pipino/Pino Jupiter since I turned pescetarian. I wasn’t really curious about Pi’s cuisine, but man, your photos are da bomb!! Kudos to the owners, including my co-trainers PJ and Ruben Lanot! Great post, Richard! :D

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