Starbucks Mooncakes from Hong Kong

SB 01

Traveling to Hong Kong during the tail end of their summer shopping season means I get to buy mooncakes. Mooncakes are traditionally given out to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. I was eagerly anticipating buying some of my favorite custard cream mooncakes when I chanced upon some interesting ones being sold by Starbucks.

There are a plethora of mooncakes in Hong Kong, from the traditional ones to the modern ones with ice cream fillings, yogurt or even chocolate ones. The Starbucks moonckaes come in a ice golden box with brown accents, and places in a gold paper bag, complete with Starbucks logo and gift tag. We paid HKD185 (approx. P1018) for the box of four medium sized mooncakes, which also came with 2 Starbucks drink coupons.
SB 03

The sleek and chic packaging extends to the interior of the box with each of the mooncakes being cradled in silk splendor.There are two variants inside each box, Salted Caramel and Almond and Espresso and Hazelnut.

SB 04

The medium sized mooncakes are a nice golden brown, the words Starbucks and a flowery design occupy the face of the mooncake.

SB 07

It was actually a bit surprising to bite into a mooncake with a sweet caramel taste but once we got over that, we all adored the Salted caramel with almond. The consistency is similar to the traditional lotus filling but a bit sweeter, the almonds add a nice texture. We’re saving this to savor slowly since there’s no chance to get more.

SB 05
SB 06

Removing the espresso mooncake from the packaging and you senses will be tickled with the strong coffee fragrance. Cut a piece and you’ll see dark espresso filling with bits of hazelnut. The espresso is very strong to the point of being a bit bitter.

It’s just a joy to go mooncake shopping in other Asian countries, they push the envelope in developing new and unique products that share the shelves with the traditional ones. There are some good monncakes in the Philippines, but mostly in 5 star hotels.

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    Fascinating to see that salted caramel even lends itself well to mooncakes. I love all these innovative versions but my heart will always belong to the 2-yolk with lotus paste.

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