Sweet Pea by Chef Florabel Co

Sweet Pea 01

I’ve never been to Venice Piazza so seeing a Sweet Pea Restaurant coupon being offered at Cash Cash Pinoy, I thought that it was the perfect excuse.

Sweet Pea 02

Irene and I took a while before we found the place, the two of us busy looking at the other stores in the area. I immediately like the vibe of the place when we got there, it had a nice looking sign and multi-colored chairs which was a plus for me.

Sweet Pea 03

The decor inside was quite nice especially the booth area (fully occupied so I failed to take a pic) which was bordered by a brick wall with cute metallic retro signs. The bar was a cool white filled with knick knacks, glasses and rainbow hued liquor bottles.

We were eagerly met by the receptionist and guided to a table of out choice inside. We informed them we would be using a coupon, handed it to them, no problem at all. We were then handed one of the biggest menu’s I have ever seen, its bigger than my 22 inch monitor.

Sweet Pea 04

I was having a hard time choosing what dish I wanted but finally decided on Steak Lovers Skillet (P250) which had beef slices with caramelized onions, mushrooms, poatao and fried egg and cheddar cheese.This reminded me of something I had before from the defunct resto, Country Waffle. This beef slices were surprisingly tender, I was expecting it to be tough so that’s a nice start. I had broken the fried egg to let the yolk flow into the steak and potatoes coating them in a shiny glaze.

Sweet Pea 05

Irene chose Pork Belly (P295) served with garlic rice and house salad. The pork was bland but at least crispy and it really needed to be dipped into the vinegar to give it a semblance of taste. This was not a good dish to order.

Sweet Pea 06

When we asked for the bill, it was given in a cute tin can, similar in theme to the retro signs I had mentioned earlier.

Sweet Pea serves up American comfort food in a nice cozy place though I can’t really give the place the thumbs up or down since we had one good dish and one bad one. I love the look and feel of the place so I’ll give it another chance.

Sweet Pea
G/F The Venice Piazza
Mckinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City

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