Yabu House of Katsu, Revisited

Yabu House of Katsu is one of my daughter’s favorite restaurant ever since we got to try it way back in Nov., 2011. They’ve grown from a single branch to their present 5 branches with the newest one at the Sky Garden of SM Aura. Despite lines snaking all over in every one of their branches, they’ve never rested on their laurels but instead keeps on innovating. They’ve recently introduced a couple of dishes as well as upgraded their rosu pork by using imported ones from the USA.

Rosu Us PorkThe nearest branch to us and still our all ultimate favorite is their Megamall branch. A couple of weekends ago, we visited Yabu to try out their new dishes.

Yabu House of Katsu

The first dish we ordered was their Iidako Salad and Spinach Salad with Goma Sauce (P195).

Yabu House of Katsu

The Iidako Salad is made up of baby octopus that’s marinated in a sweet and spicy sauce and tossed with sliced cucumbers. The sauce is just spicy enough to keep you wanting more and not cause a fire alarm on your taste buds. There’s still a bit of sweetness that also helps to balance the flavors out. There’s also loads of texture with the crisp veggies and chewy octopus. This is something I’d definitely order again.

Yabu House of Katsu

Spinach Salad with Goma Sauce is a chilled appetizer topped with katsuoboshi (bonito flakes).  Irene and I found the sauce, which is a bit thicker and sweeter than their cabbage dressing, too be too little. We also found the spinach too be too grassy, maybe a bit undercooked. I think I’d pass on this next time.

Yabu House of Katsu

The Rosu Miso Katsu (P375) is a specialty from Nagoya, Japan. Perfectly fried katsu is topped with a sweet miso sauce and finished off with spring onions and ground sesame seeds. It is served on a Japanese hot plate. Despite my affinity for sweet food, I found this dish cloyingly sweet. I had my rice changed to their new brown rice, which is unlimited also (me trying to be a wee bit healthier). I’ll stick with my numerous favorites next time around.

Yabu House of Katsu

Lauren stuck with her usual order at Yabu, the Rosu Tonkatsu 180g (P405).  There’s a pretty little flag that’s stuck to the pork proudly announcing US Pork. You will immediately notice that the meat is more tender than before. It is actually very close to the Kurobota but just falls short on the flavor. The change to US pork does not even come with any price change so it’s a win for everyone.

The new dishes may have been a mixed bag but the change to US pork outweighs everything since it does not even come with a price adjustment. I thank Yabu House of Katsu for introducing the Philippine dining scene to authentic and excellent tonkatsu. They are the de facto leader as new entrants arrive for the coming Katsu wars.


Yabu House of Katsu

2nd Level Megamall Atrium
Mandaluyong, Philippines
Telephone No: 576-3900

Yabu House of Katsu on Facebook


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