Zong : Dining Redefined at The Fort Strip

Zong 01

I could not believe I had never eaten at Zong, I had seen it before when the whole BGC was still quite new and the only nice commercial place there was the Fort Strip. Fast forward to 9 years later, I got an invite to sample some of the dishes of Zong which will be a part of their revamped menu, I was quite excited.Zong launches their Dining Redefined concept which consists of a new interactive website, a new menu created by Executive chef Onno and a redoubled effort at customer service.

Chinese Style Chicken Salad (P348). Chicken and jellyfish strips mixed with vegetables drizzled with a light vinaigrette. I’ve never eaten jellyfish before, but for my first time it was quite enjoyable. The jellyfish strip added a chewy textures compared to the crunchy vegetables and the slightly spicy vinaigrette served to whet the taste buds for more food to come.

Zong 02

Homemade meat roll in Orange Sauce (P328). I love citrus things in my food, in any form but usually it comes as sauce in Chinese restaurants like lemon chicken. You could tell the meat roll (kikiam) did not scrimp on ingredients, with nary a piece of fat in the 3 pieces I had. The orange sauce was a plus and was a nice alternative to the usual sweet and sour sauce.

Zong 04

Dumplings with Black Vinegar Sauce (P328). This dish was the least impressive among all I had tasted that day.

Zong 05

Steamed Zucchini with Pumpkin Sauce (P389). Minced Shrimp topped rings of zucchini with pumpkin sauce. The sauce was quite thick that it reminded me of pumpkin soup and kinda drowned out  the zucchini and shrimp.

Zong 06

Braised Shanghai Style Meat Balls (P328). Less oily alternative to the usual fried meatballs, this dish is served with vegetables in the middle. The meat balls were plump and juicy and like the meat rolls are made with pure ground meat.This reminded me of the uber large meatball we had from Kitchen Hobbies.

Zong 03

Fujian Fried Rice (P288). This is a favorite rice dish of mine in Chinese restaurants. A whole meal in one plate, fried rice topped with a brown sauce, vegetables, meat and seafood.

Roast Chicken (P600/whole). A whole chicken brushed with a red bean sauce that gave an extra flavor kick to the skin. I admit I cheated a bit by eating the skin but it was too good to pass up. The flavor did not stop at the skin but seeped through out the whole chicken, maybe because of using free range chicken by Bounty Fresh. The chicken might be smaller but they are more flavorful.

Zong is a nice alternative to the usual Chinese restaurants with their modern, wide and spacious interior. Their new menu also aims is dedicated to maintaining their no MSG policy but also to reduce sodium added to all their dishes. I know I’ll be back with my family to try out some of the interesting dishes on the menu. Be sure to check out their interactive website where you can crack a virtual fortune cookie once a day.

The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila

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